USのVAPEポータル「SPINFUEL」と最大のVAPEコミュニティ「E-cigarette Forum」が、それぞれ2014年に最もイケてたリキッド大賞を発表しました!

SPINFUEL eliquid of the Year 2014

まずはSPINFUELによる eliquid of the Year2014から。

1 Reaper by Rocket Fuel Vapes
2 Toasted Almond Tobacco by Hurricane Vapor
3 Vanilla Sky by Hurricane Vapor

1 Nilla No-Bake by Vape Dudes
2 Custard Fusion by The Refuge Vapors
3 Vazilla by G2 Vapor

1 Gingerbread Chai by Ginger’s eJuice
2 Chai Tea by Vape Dudes
3 Chai Tea Latte by Mountain Oak Vapors

1 Country Bumpkin by Rocket Fuel Vapes
2 Angel Sauce by The Plume Room
3 Monkey Snack by Ripe Vapes

1 Cinnamon Roll by The Plume Room
2 Hazlenut Cookie by Strix Elixirs
3 Buddha’s Dream by Juju Vapor

1 Blueberry Pie by Juju Vapor
2 Honey Baby by Mr. Good Vape
3 Blueberry Church by Eve eLiquid

1 Pina Colada by The Plume Room
2 Papaya Milkshake by Hurricane Vapor
3 Mary Lou’s Punch by The Vapor Girl

1 The Keys by Strix Elixirs!
2 Limerick by Rocket Fuel Vapes
3 Key West Sunset by Kind Juice

1 REAPER by Rocket Fuel Vapes
2 Nilla No-Bake by Vape Dudes
3 The Keys by Strix Elixirs

総合優勝はRocket Fuel VapesのREAPER!


E-cigarette Forum 2014 Best of ECF – Members Choice Awards

つづいてE-cigarette Forum主催の2014 Best of ECF – Members Choice Awardsの結果。


(1st) Custard’s Last Stand (CLS) by Nicoticket
(2nd) Grandma’s Cinnamon Danish (GCD) by Nicoticket
(3rd) Creme Brulee (CB) by Nicoticket

(1st) The Virus (H1N1) by Nicoticket
(2nd) Boba’s Bounty by Alien Visions
(3rd) Radioactive by Nicoticket

(1st) Coolcumber Mint by Nicoticket
(2nd) Bowden’s Mate by Five Pawns
(3rd) Thug Juice by Mt. Baker Vapor

(1st) Strawnilla by Nicoticket
(2nd) Betelgeuse by Nicoticket
(3rd) Gravity by Nicoticket

(1st) Kringles Curse by Halo
(2nd) Rainbow Madness by Bionic Vapor
(3rd) Sweet Tart by Alien Vision

(1st) Wakonda by Nicoticket
(2nd) Mach 10 by ITC Vapes
(3rd) Christys Cappucino by Alien Visions

(1st) Rootbeer Float by Nicoticket
(2nd) Caramel Pear Black Tea by Ahlusion
(3rd) Boba Tea by Ahlusion

(1st) Absolute Creme Brulee by Nicoticket
(2nd) Roundhouse by Nicoticket
(3rd) Castle Long by Five Pawns

Wakonda by Nicoticket